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Flax under construction

by Nicole Braun

Flax insulation is the coolest! Or the warmest, depending on the temperature of your house.

Construction Resources, a company in London England, is selling flax insulation called Flax 100 that can be used for thermal and acoustic insulation in “walls, roofs, floors and ceilings for both commercial and domestic buildings.”

The company boasts the advantages of flax insulation as being non-toxic and non-irritant to the touch, environmentally friendly and natural, as well as safe and easy to install. Flax 100 insulation can absorb a large amount of moisture which allows it to stabilize indoor climate, prevent deterioration of the building fabric and reduce the risk of rotting, according to Construction Resources.

The flax fibers are bound together with potato starch, and borax is included in the material to provide fire protection and insect resistance.

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