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Some of the oldest woven fibers in human history are linens derived from the stalks of flax plants. In Canada, flax producers, researchers, entrepreneurs and government have been working for years to develop a viable fiber industry. Progress is being made on several fronts. Find out more about the fiber industry in Canada and the world.

Flax Fiber Basics

Want to know what fiber is used for? Producers, wondering how to start producing fiber flax? It all starts here.

Canada's Fiber Capabilities

Developments in research, production and new companies in Canada's emerging flax fiber industry.

Flax Fiber in the World

There is a growing global market for flax fiber. Learn more about international companies and products.

Testing Methods and Protocols

Canada is working with its partners to develop and meet international standards for fiber products and processing.

SaskFlax would like to acknowledge funding for this section from
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's AgriMarketing Program and the Flax Council of Canada.