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GenServe LaboratoriesTM offering flax GMO test on 4 replicates

February 3, 2009 (Saskatoon, SK) - As many are aware, the Canadian Seed Growers Association and the Flax Council of Canada recently released a protocol for testing pedigreed seeds for the presence of GM flax prior to sowing season. To help flax producers, GenServe LaboratoriesTM is now offering the flax GMO test on 4 replicates (4X 60g) of flaxseeds. This test increases the confidence level of detecting a GMO seed in the sample, compared to the current, 1-replicate standard protocol.

See the attached information sheet on the 2010 pedigreed seed testing program to describe the procedure for testing certified seed.

Please note that the sample sizes required have changed (see attached testing information sheet):
1 replicate: 1 kg
4 replicates: 2 kg

Prices are as follows:
1 replicate: $105 + GST
4 replicates: $195 + GST

To facilitate the process for the producers and in the lab, GenServe LaboratoriesTM has created a separate sample submission form for testing pedigreed seeds as part of the 2010 pedigreed seed protocol from the Canadian Seed Growers Association.

The “regular” producer sample submission form has been modified to include the choice between the two tests, either 1 or 4 replicates as some producers want to test their stock at the higher confidence level.

"Our goal at GenServe LaboratoriesTM is to stay in touch with the latest developments in the industry and to provide the best tools and information to our clients," said Dr. Colette Jako, Manager of GenServe LaboratoriesTM in Saskatoon.

Producers are advised to always check with potential buyers in advance to ensure any test they employ will meet their requirements.

For more information, contact:

Linda Braun, Executive Director
Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission
Saskatoon, SK
Tel. 306-664-1901


Dr. Colette Jako, Manager - SRC GenServe LaboratoriesTM
Saskatchewan Research Council
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Tel. (306) 933-7700