Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission


Annual General Meeting of Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission

The SaskFlax Annual General Meeting (AGM) allows for Directors to report on finances as well as actions undertaken on behalf of grower members in the areas of research, communications and market development. Resolutions will be brought forward for review, discussion, and decision. This year's AGM will be held in Saskatoon at  TCU Place (35-22nd Street East), on January 13, 2019 at 3:30 PM.

For the unapproved minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting, click here.

There is no charge to attend the Annual General Meeting.


3:30 pm           Call to Order

3:31 pm           Approval of Agenda

3:32 pm          Approval of 2019 AGM Minutes

3:35 pm          Chair’s Report

3:40 pm          Executive Director’s Report

                        Report on Resolutions Received at 2018 AGM

3:45 pm          Finance

                        Presentation of 2019/20 Budget

                        Presentation of Audited statement ending July 31, 2019

                        Appointment of Auditor

                        Appointment of Audit Chair

3:55 pm          Resolutions

3:58 pm          New Business

4:00 pm          Adjournment

Resolutions at SaskFlax AGM

Any registered flax producer is eligible to bring forward a resolution at the Annual General Meeting of the Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission. A registered producer is a producer who has sold flax and paid the flax levy in Saskatchewan within the past two years and has not requested a rebate.

Resolutions must clearly note the person who is proposing them. A seconder will be called for at the meeting. Resolutions are generally structured by introducing each background point to the issue with the word “Whereas..”. The resolution itself is usually stated, “Be it resolved that...”

Resolutions received by the SaskFlax office more than two business days in advance of the start of the AGM require a simple majority (50 per cent) to pass; those introduced during the meeting require a two-thirds majority to pass.

Questions about Resolutions? Contact the SaskFlax Resolutions Committee or the SaskFlax Office.