Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission

Selling Flax

Selling Flax Straw

Currently, Saskatchewan flax producers have few options to sell their straw. There are two main markets:

1. Local buyers

Uses include:

  • Flax bales for windbreaks
  • Cattle bedding or cover for corral alleyways
  • Horticultural mulch
  • Traction source for oil well sites

Cattle operations utilize flax straw because it absorbs more moisture than wheat straw and helps keep cattle drier. As well, flax straw stands up better in high traffic areas, like cattle corrals and alleyways. Flax bales can help to protect against the effects of wind and water erosion.

2. Specialty Processors

Specialty flax straw processors purchase straw in various regions in Saskatchewan. They select straw from fields that are weed free, without trash, relatively tall and within close proximity to their processing operations. Some of these processors include:

Work continues on developing viable alternatives to burning and chopping while creating economic returns to farmers.