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Summer 2022 Executive Director report, Director nominations, Director profile, Agronomist profile, Agronomy research

Fall 2021 Newsletter Chair’s Report, Flax Council of Canada report, Flaxseed storage, Genetic diverstiy research. Director profile

Spring 2021 Newsletter Executive Director Report, New Directors, Intercropping research, Pre-harvest research, Spring agronomy

Fall 2020 Newsletter Chair’s Report, Director profile, Flaxseed steam explosion research, Straw processing

Spring 2020 Newsletter Executive Director Report, Flax storage research initiative, Growing flax guidelines, Flax day agenda

Fall 2019 Newsletter Chair’s Report, SaskFlax Director Profile, U of S Diary Research, China report

Spring 2019 Newsletter Executive Director’s Report, Agronomy Research Results, China report, Mexico report

Fall 2018 Newsletter Chair’s Report, Director election results, Director profile, Research update, China report

Spring 2018 Newsletter Executive Director report, New Agronomist for SaskFlax, Research updates, Uof S Scholarship recipient

Fall 2017 Newsletter Chair report, China report, Weed agronomy research at the U of S, SaskFlax Director profile

Spring 2017 Newsletter    Executive Director report, Director election results, Agronomy research updates, MS research, Agronomy survey summary

Fall 2016 Newsletter Chair report, Director elections, Khalid Rashid, Variety cancellation, Survey, Market development in Mexico

Spring 2016 Newsletter Executive Director report, Producer Survey Results, Agronomic Research, Variety Development, Health Research, Livestock Feed Research

Fall 2015 Newsletter

Chair's Report, Regulation Changes, New Faces, China Travel Report, Producer Survey

Fall 2014 Newsletter

Looking Back / Looking Ahead - Change of Executive Director; Health Claim for Flax; Dave Sefton inducted to Sask Ag Hall of Fame; Flax People: Bill Gruel and Zafer Bashi; SaskFlax looking for Directors; SaskFlax's AGM at CropSphere; Low Level Presence Consultation Report

Fall 2013 Newsletter

Re-Constituted Seed will launch this fall; Importance of Demand to Flax Outlook; SaskFlax honours memory of Guy Lafond; CropSphere; Flax field day at Indian Head; Farm Stewardship; New Health Claim for Flax

Spring 2013 Flax Industry Update

Benefits & Dangers of High Flax Prices; Need for International Low-Level Presence Policy; EU Protocol and Sampling/Testing; Rebooting the Industry from a Processors' Perspective; Re-Constituted Seed Ready to Launch; Flax Varieties in the Pipeline

Spring 2013 Flax Industry Update

(produced in partnership with Flax Council of Canada) 

Flax Outlook Favourable; New Re-Constituted Seed Coming; SeCan Growers going extra mile; Why Use Certified Seed?; Characteristics of Flax Varieties; Farm Stewardship Program; Global Flax Markets

Fall 2012 Newsletter

Flax Day 2013; China as a Trading Partner; Crop Walk 2012; Herbicide Tolerant Flax; A Word About Levy

Spring 2012 Flax Industry Update

(produced in partnership with Flax Council of Canada)

Northern Flax project; Herbicide Tolerant Flax Breeding project; Farm Stewardship; Re-Constituted Seed Program; Industry Partners; Value of Public-Private partnerships

Spring 2011 Newsletter

Market Outlook for 2011-12; Flax supply-use ratio; Outside market overview; Weather Watch; Report on FiberLinks 2011

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