Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission


The flax producer funds the Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission through a check-off on sales of flaxseed and flax straw. The Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission works to develop the flax industry for the benefit of flax growers. The activities of the Commission include funding research, development and promotion of flax to domestic and international markets, and work with other organizations to benefit flax producers and the flax industry.

Since the establishment of the Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission in 1996 over $6 million dollars has been invested into more than 100 research projects. Over the years the research has included flax variety development, genetics, agronomics, livestock feed, health benefits for humans, and flax straw and fiber.

Saskatchewan is a leading producer and exporter of flax in the world. With a strong flax industry that is growing, Saskatchewan is positioned to supply the world to meet its demand for flax.

Our Mission

To lead, promote, and enhance the production, value-added processing and utilization of Saskatchewan flax.


Our Vision

Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission, as a respected organization, leads the promotion of flax and flax products in the world.