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Flax on the Farm - August Edition

The August edition of Flax on the Farm is now available. In this edition you will find information about getting ready to harvest flax. MORE >

2018 SR&ED Tax Credit for Research

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development tax credit for registered flax producers that paid and have not requested a rebate is 38.4% for 2018. MORE >

Flax Variety List

Here is a list of the registered flax varieties for production or soon to be available. MORE >

Maxiumum Residue Limits for Flax

There are many considerations at harvest time. Maximum Residue Limits are just one. MORE >

Flax Council of Canada Stewardship Program Update

Sampling and testing of producer stocks both current and farm-saved provided an effective tool in monitoring the progress toward the effort to clear Triffid from the flax production. MORE >

More Flax News

AAFC: Outlook for Principal Field Crops – June

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has released the June report for Canada: Outlook for Principal Field Crops.MORE >

SaskFlax 2018 Director Election Results

The SaskFlax director election has been concluded by acclamation.MORE >

SaskFlax Welcomes Flax Agronomist to the Team

SaskFlax hired Michelle Beaith as Flax Agronomist for the organization. Michelle will be providing flax agronomy information and helping to plan research funding opportunities for SaskFlax.MORE >

CGC Notice for Flax Variety Deregistration August 1, 2017

The Canadian Grain Commission news release about the deregistration of CDC Arras, Flanders and Somme on August 1, 2017.MORE >

Health Claim for Ground Flaxseed

Health Claim for ground flaxseed in Canada. Research confirms that daily consumption of five tablespoons (40 grams) of ground flaxseed will help to reduce cholesterol levels.MORE >