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July 04, 2023 Should SaskCanola & SaskFlax Amalgamate?

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SaskCanola and SaskFlax Seek Grower Feedback on Proposed Amalgamation

July 4, 2023 News Release - The Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission (SaskCanola) and Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission (SaskFlax) are considering amalgamation, which would see SaskCanola assume the mandate of SaskFlax for flax seed and straw, including research, advocacy, and market development investments, and accompanying communications.

As of January 2023, SaskCanola has been providing operational support to the SaskFlax Board. Resolutions were passed at both Commissions’ Annual General Meetings (AGMs) calling for the two organizations to explore options for potential amalgamation.

The next step towards full amalgamation of the two Commissions is to gather feedback from canola and flax growers. All Saskatchewan canola and flax growers were sent a notice in the mail encouraging them to participate in an online consultation survey, which will remain open to gather their input from July 1 to November 17, 2023. Survey results will be shared at both Commissions’ AGMs in January 2024.

“As flax is a small acreage crop in Saskatchewan, we think amalgamation would minimize overhead costs for flax producers and better leverage investment opportunities, especially in the areas of policy and research,” said Greg Sundquist, SaskFlax Chair.

“Both of our respective Boards have discussed our potential amalgamation and what the future could look like in terms of synergies,” said Keith Fournier, SaskCanola Chair, “but now we want to know whether growers support this prospect and what concerns they have so that we can properly address them.”

Click here to participate in the SaskCanola and SaskFlax Amalgamation Survey

A consultation document providing background, rationale, and process surrounding the potential amalgamation of SaskCanola and SaskFlax has been prepared for producers to review in conjunction with providing their feedback through the online survey.

Click here to read the SaskCanola and SaskFlax Amalgamation Proposal

SaskCanola is a producer-led organization, established in 1991 and supported by 17,000 levy-paying Saskatchewan canola producers. SaskCanola’s mandate is to provide value to canola producers through research, advocacy, and market development.

SaskFlax is a producer-led organization, established in 1996 and supported by 3,000 levy-paying Saskatchewan flax producers. SaskFlax’s mandate is to lead, promote, and enhance the production, value-added processing, and utilization of Saskatchewan flax.

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