Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission

Homemade Spa Recipe Recipes Collection

Whole Flaxseed

Grandma Pengilly’s Hand Lotion

Initially it feels a bit sticky, but it dries quite smooth. MORE …

Flax Oil

Flax and Oat Body Scrub

Create this home-spa recipe and feel the benefits as dried skin is sloughed away, leaving your body feeling smooth and silky. MORE …

Flax Oil

Linolicious Lip Balm

Find relief from the discomfort of chapped lips caused by the cold,dry air of winter. MORE …

Whole Flaxseed

Flaxseed Hair Gel

Use this gel to control curly hair. MORE …

Whole Flaxseed

Flax and Orange Zest Soap

A very simple soap to make. Use as a hand soap. MORE …

Whole Flaxseed

Aftershave Lotion

The emollient action of flaxseed is sure to soften and soothe. For extra healing properties, try adding 2 400-IU capsules of vitamin E oil. Experiment with essential oils. We liked lavender, sandalwood and tea tree. MORE …