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Meals your Family Will Love Recipes Collection

Entree, Ground Flaxseed

Crunchy Flax Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets have never tasted so good! The Parmesan cheese ramps up the flavour and then is balanced perfectly with a crunchy crusted of corn flakes and ground flaxseed. Kid-friendly and the adults will like them too. MORE …

Entree, Ground Flaxseed

Flax Crusted Pork Cutlet

This recipe is simple, delicious and ready in 30 minutes! MORE …

Entree, Diabetic Friendly, Ground Flaxseed

Homestyle Meatloaf

A simple and tasty way to incorporate flax in your diet. MORE …

Entree, Ground Flaxseed

Spicy Beef Salsa Burger

These burgers get a healthy kick from ground flax MORE …

Entree, Ground Flaxseed

Sweet Potato Black Bean Flax Burgers

Made with black beans, rice and sweet potato, this flavourful flax burger is both delicious and nutritious. MORE …

Entree, Ground Flaxseed

Falafel Flax Waffles with Maple Tahini Sauce

Get out your waffle iron and mix up a batch of these savoury flax falafel waffles.Drizzled with maple tahini sauce and topped with tomato salad. The perfect dish for brunch or dinner! MORE …