Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission

April 06, 2018 SWM is looking for flax straw

Source: Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission   |  Category: Agronomics, General News

SWM Intl will be looking for flax straw for baling this spring.

If you have flax straw that was left out from last fall and you would like it cleaned up, SWM is interested in looking after it for you.

SWM Intl would pay you, the farmer, $5.00 per ton for the straw alone.

If you had time and equipment SWM Intl would also let you bale and truck the straw and pay you accordingly.

If you have some interest in this, please contact SWM Intl.

SWM Intl could also send you additional information if require.

Contact information for SWM Intl

Denis Magotiaux

1-204-331-2235 Office

1-204-362-0481 Cell.