Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission


Research continues to be a critical part of the Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission’s mandate. SFDC funds several projects to gather the data we need to move the flax industry forward. Our research priorities include:

  • Agronomy
  • Constituent Parts for Value-Added Processing
  • Human Health
  • Fiber Development and Processing
  • Flax in Animal Diets
  • Varietal Development

Research Projects

•    ADOPT Flax Research Demonstrations

•    Northern Adapted Flax Variety Development Program

•    Total Utilization Flax GENomics (TUFGEN)

•    A Haploid Breeding Centre for Germplasm Development in Saskatchewan

•    Flax Growth and Development:  Understanding Yield Formation and the Effects of Critical Stress Periods on Final Grain Yield

•    Flax Germplasm – Characterization and Screening for Seed Oil Quality

•    The Evaluation of secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG) isolated form flaxseed in the prevention and treatmant of high blood pressure

•    Acquisition and evaluation of Russian flax germplasm

•    Flax and Solin Varieties for Eastern Saskatchewan

•    Determination of flax straw fiber content from selected accessions grown by the Plant Gene Resources of Canada in 1998 and 1999

•    Feasibility of non woven flax straw mats

•    The Effect of Tillage System and Preceding Crop on Phosphorus Response of Flax

•    Flax Residue Management without Burning or Removal

•    Agronomic and Molecular Evaluation of Flax From Canada and Russia

•    Evaluation of Flax Fibre for use as a Fibre Reinforcement for Concrete

•    Effects of nitrogen fertilizer management on crop production in flax, canola and wheat and emissions of the greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide 

•    Multiply seed and compare seed and fiber yielding ability of fiber flax varieties grown near Saskatoon in 2000

•    Cellular Basis for the Cardioprotective Action of Flax

•    Influence of Flaxseed on Human Tumour Growth, Metastasis and Recurrence

•    Screening a Flax World Collection for PGRC Mucilage Content in Seed Coat

•    Use of Micronized and Extruded Whole Flaxseed in Aquaculture Diets

•    Biomarker of Anticancer Effects of Flaxseed in Humans

•    An Assessment of the Protective Effects of Flax and Flax Products On The Liver

•    Fiber Flax Variety and Seeding Rate X Seeding Method Trials Near Saskatoon in 2001

•    Development of a Replacement for Fishmeal and Fish Oil Using Dehulled Flax and Protein Concentrates Produced from Western Canadian Feed Ingredients

•    Chemopreventive and Antioxidant Effects of Flaxseed Lignans

•    Application of Flax Straw Fiber in Plastic Processing Industries

•    Assess the Feasibility of a Processing Plant Method of Retting Flax Straw in Saskatchewan

•    The Development of Oilseed Flax Varieties with Enhanced Straw Fiber Concentration

•    Evaluation of Flax as a Feed For Cattle

•    Weed Control in Flax with Sulfentrazone

•    Isolation Characterization and Application of Flax Mucilage

•    Screening the PGRC flax germplasm collection for elevated SDG levels

•    Evaluation of secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG) isolated from flaxseed in the prevention and treatment of Type 2 diabetes mellitus

•    Flax Varieties for Northern Saskatchewan

•    The Effects of Fertilizer, Environment and Location on Cadmium Accumulation in Flax

•    Chemical and functional characteristics of hull and protein fractions prepared from flax/solin using novel separation processes

Fiber Research

Researchers are and have been at work investigating different ways to develop value from flax and hemp fiber, including improved varieties, new technologies and processes and products made with flax fiber. 

Table of Canadian fiber researchers

Recent Research projects: 

  • Logistik Pilot Research Project 
  • NAFGEN national fiber network
  • Total Utilization Flax Genomics  (TUFGEN) Research Project 

Research papers: 

  • Research on Industrial and Fiber Uses for Canadian Flax (FiberLinks Conference)
  • Research Proceedings from International Conference on Flax & Other Bast Fibers



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